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Chosen For Change is a company that will provide awareness of products services and inventions to transform lives.  Our mission is to give the power back to the people and let the community decide what products or services are successful.

Consumers and service providers to be part of a movement that empowers our society to become better citizens of our planet. Why wait for Venture Capital (VC) and Angel investors to decide what makes it to the market; now the community can vote and determine decide what works and what doesn't. is a business social network where Think grow rich book-300people can sign up and be part of an interactive community and become aware of products / services and inventions that make a difference in our world.  Entrepreneurs will post ideas, products and services.  Influencers-mag-400


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Shooting Star Entertainment

Shooting Star Entertainment is a boutique production company with an amazing team of seasoned industry professionals.logo SSE2xx                                  big4

As an Executive Producer / Producer Bonnie,  has been credited with over 80 theatrically released movie projects in just under 14 years. The company was started by Bonnie Kanner, Executive Producer/Producer who works directly with studio executives, specialists, capital partners, and joint venture funding.

Bonnie's mission is to transform lives and develop awareness of innovative ideas, inventions, products and services.  She is dedicated to empowering the world with thought-provoking ideas, inventions and entertainment focused on inspiring positive change in our world.

Upcoming - Movie Project - "System-Upgrade "

Based on the novel:"System-Upgrade" by Chris Rossen

Genre: Action Adventure Thriller

Estimated Budget : $40 million+
("Bourne Legacy" meets "Limitless")

-This is not Sci-Fi!  This story is based on technology that exists today.         


An under-cover CIA officer and his Asian friend discover that the company they work for creates a product that manipulates the behavior of the general public, and must prove it to the media or be killed by a powerful corporate conspiracy.

The above is a logline to the movie but today there are actually products on track to transform what it means to  human.   The movie is about the human ability to increase the processing speed of the human brain,  just like adding RAM (Random Access Memory) to your computer?  In the world of "System-Upgrade" almost everyone has one of these devices; people wear them like a hearing aid or 'Bluetooth' device. (Like cell phones today, you can't really compete in business without one).  To see more detail on the project click here:

Click Images to see actual products:     

smart helmetScreenshot 2017 03 21 23.34

smart headset ElonMusk1 A Flexible Circuit Has Been Injected Into Living Brains

Latest News

Bonnie Kanner is one of 200 Founding Member Advisers to The California Stock Exchange.

Shooting Star Entertainment and Bonnie Kanner and have recently been listed in Inc. Magazine as one of the up and coming leaders in business and entertainment.

She is also highlighted in the up and coming book "Think and grow rich Today!"

Bonnie Kanner Interview